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It was a bright spring day, when Sisters-in-laws Liimu McGilll and Jonna Gill were going for their usual 3 mile hike in Ponte Vedra, something happened that was different than any other day. They received, seemingly out of nowhere, strong inspiration for the creation of McGill Art Interiors. Inspired brainstorming sessions continued throughout the day, which ended with the two new partners affirmatively deciding to bring their skill sets together to create the design-source company of their dreams.

"Through Jonna, our desire is to bring into the lives of our clients the gifts of beauty and joy through original art. Through Liimu our work will emphasize the art of Envisioning (coming 2017) which enables one to bring beauty, joy and abundance into all levels of ones being!" See below to read each partner's story.

ABOUT MCGILL ART INTERIORS: Exquisitely created and curated, McGill Art Interiors offers fine art photography, canvas originals and prints for the most discerning home and office decor.  Within the collection, designers, architects, and private collectors alike will find the perfect match of form and function. When personalization is needed, McGill Art Interiors will work closely with you to understand your aesthetic and create art custom made for your unique project.

Currently Featured Artist: Jonna Gill is an accomplished artist and photographer based in New York City. After years of focusing her energy and creativity in top art education programs, Jonna now has a successful studio practice and a devoted following. She has found her artistic "voice" with a range of sophisticated vocabulary from the LA Belle Fleur series, with an attention to detail that creates striking and powerful imagery, to her abstract images that are bold, mysterious and vibrant. Jonna masterfully balances making high art that is emotionally powerful yet enjoyable to everyone who sees it.

Liimu McGill

Director of Vision Line 

Liimu McGill is the co-founder of McGill Art Interiors. She is the Director of the Vision Line, opening 2017. Liimu has spent the last 30 years learning how to love and support herself, her community and selflessly serving others. Her guiding philosophy and the basis for all her work is that the best way to encourage those you love to follow their dreams is by following your own. Her company, Beloved Enterprises works with corporate teams and individuals to learn how to purposefully align external perception with their internal intentions and goals. She passionately believes that surrounding  yourself with people and images that support your intentions and dreams is critical to successful manifestation. The soon to be offered Vision Wall is another tool she encourages her clients to use to ensure their success.

Liimu has been a successful entrepreneur and public speaker for more than twenty years.  She graduated from Rutgers University with honors in 1995 and has done post-graduate work at Temple University. Liimu currently lives in Florida with her beloved Husband and Children.

Jonna Gill

Senior Artist/Creative Director

Jonna Gill's story as an accomplished artist begins with putting off a scholarship to study at the Moore College of Art in Philadelphia in lieu of going to Europe to study the work of the Masters.  In London, Paris, Holland and Italy, she visited museums and private homes that contained works from some of her favorite artist of past eras: Botticelli, Da Vinci, Caravaggio, Michelangelo and Van Gogh. Jonna landed back in the United States in New York City where she immediately started to work for haute couture designer Giorgio Armani in his 5th Avenue showroom and went on to work for fashion resource giant Cotton Incorporated. During this time, she enrolled in the Parsons School of Design where for 2 years she studied Metal-smithing. She simultaneously studied with masters in the Art of silver-smithing and sculpture at the Craft Students League of New York. She finished her studies enrolling at the Fashion Institute of Technology where she took courses in art and photography and completed a program in design, concentrating on couture draping and pattern-making. 

As a multi-disciplined artist, Jonna uses the camera  as a tool to express her creativity through photography and will soon release a new collection of paintings utilizing acrylics and inks on canvas and watercolor on paper, to be featured on her new artist website launching in 2017.

Jonna brings her art-in-life experience to McGill Art Interiors through the Arcturus Star Project and Black & White Abstract.  Fine Art Photography is featured in the La Belle Fleur, Pretty Pictures, Statue of Liberty Grid, and Portraiture sections. Samples from her on-going studies of surface pattern design can be found in our soon-to-be launched wallpaper and fabric division.


Jonna's jewelry work can be found at her company website DALLAMANO.com (see sample of her sculpted precious metal work below) and a new line of her hand-wrought work is soon to be included in her store featured on Amazon.com

Fine Jewelry
Fine Jewelry

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