Abstract Fine Art Photography & Mixed Media Works: The Arcturus Star Series 

About the Arcturus-Star Project by Jonna Gill

The Arcturus-Star project was named after Arcturus, the brightest star in the Bootes Constellation, known as the bright star of creativity. The fine art project consists of Acrylic on Canvas and Fine Art Photography works by artist Jonna Gill. Jonna mentions that the project was happened upon quite accidently. "I was photographing a necklace made of sterling and gemstones. I had inadvertently left the camera on the wrong camera settings from a prior photo-shoot. When I saw the picture that was created in error, I was immediately stunned. The photo looked surreal, possessing a 5th dimensional other world quality. "


Jonna jumped into a flurry of experimentation to further the project. Having been involved in studies inclusive of art, metalsmiting, photography, jewelry and couture design, she had metals, gemstones, minerals, and fabrics at hand in her studio - the ingredients necessary for great experimentation.


Jonna begins each new work by building a set inclusive of METALS, (brass copper, silver and bronze), MINERALS (crystals and gemstones), FIBER (fabrics of cotton, silk and velvet), that are photographed using special lighting recipes that she creates. With this she produces an extraordinary un-manipulated, original film capture that is then produced as either a fine art pigment print on museum quality paper, an acrylic encapsulated C-Print, a print on metal, or as an acrylic hand embellished canvas original. The Arcturus Star Project includes one of a kind and limited edition works. Custom sizing is available. The film captures also serve as the inspiration for original abstract works on paper and canvas using watercolor and acrylic paints. These works will be posted soon in our fine art abstract section. 

All works are signed and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.  For more information on availability and pricing of the series, please contact us.