The Statue of Liberty Series by Jonna Gill

About The Statue of Liberty Grid Series

I've always been in love with the Statue of Liberty. Ever since my first days in New York City, I'd often walk to the pier and gaze at her shining figure across the Hudson River.  One day I decided to hop on a boat and meet the great Lady up front and personal. The Statue of Liberty Grid series was born from the results of my photographic journey that day. Choosing photos from the shoot, I re-set and colorized the images in a style reminiscent of the Grid Series made famous by Andy Warhol. 

The Statue of Liberty Grid Series is available as one of a kind and limited edition acrylic works on canvas, archival pigment ink prints on luxurious museum quality papers and acrylic encapsulated C-prints. Sizes start at 16 x 16 through 50 x 50.  Each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.  For more information on availability and pricing of the series, please contact us.